Only 28% of researchers are women. Only 3% of Nobel Prizes have been given to these women. Less than 30% of students in the core sciences are women.

The under representation of women scientists weakens the scientific innovation in France and abroad. It also makes it difficult for companies to recruit equally between sexes.

The economic consequences are significant. Doing without women in stem jobs reduces available ressources by about a third. And it hinders growth.  

We will use the anniversary of one of the great French female researchers, Nicole El Karoui and of her master “Probabilite et Finance” to bring the need for and benefits of Women in Science out of the shadows.

Some of the speakers include: Sonia Bahri, Commission Nationale Française pour l’UNESCO (CNFU), Jean Chambaz, président Sorbonne Université, Elham Kashefi, professor of quantum computing, Caroline Chavier, co-founder WiMLDS (Women in Machine Learning & Data Science), Chloé-Agathe Azencott (co-founder and researcher at Inserm), Paul Embrechts, professor of mathematics at the ETH Zurich, Jean-Michel Beacco, CEO, Institut Louis Bachelier.

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Sorbonne University 4 place Jussieu, Paris, 75005 France